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bhi ParaPro EQ20 without Bluetooth Installed

Professional Grade Audio Equalisation for Your Receive Audio

The new bhi ParaPro EQ20 features a 20W modular audio power amplifier with a parametric equalizer. The parametric equalizer allows any specific part of the frequency range to be selected and adjusted in strength enabling the user to shape the audio to suit their ears.

The EQ20 unit is housed in a quality compact ABS case measuring. It is easy to integrate with a number of different connection options available. Features include separate mono and stereo inputs for line level, headphone level and speaker level signals. The LED will flash if the input is overloaded. The outputs comprise a set of banana sockets for the left and right speakers plus a pair of RCA phono jacks for the speaker outputs. Important Note: The Class D bridge output has a direct DC connection to the amplifier circuitry (i.e. no isolating capacitors) so you must not parallel the speaker outputs or ground any of the connections. Stereo headphones can be connected from the front of the unit. The EQ20 has two parametric channels labeled Bass and Treble with the Bass center frequency being adjustable from 100Hz to 1kHz, whilst the Treble covers 1kHz to 10kHz. Used together, these controls provide two bands of ±10dB adjustment from 100Hz through to 10kHz. The bhi DSP Noise Filter in the is continuously variable from off (DSP bypassed) up to 40dB of noise cancellation.

Parametric Equalisation: A standard graphic equalizer usually splits the audio spectrum into several fixed bands and provides lift and cut adjustment for each frequency band. However, the controls usually interact so if you lift one band you will often find that the adjacent bands are also lifted but to a lesser degree. A parametric equalizer allows any specific part of the frequency range to be selected and adjusted in strength. The user is able to adjust these parameters to determine exactly how the equalization is applied allowing you to specify exactly which frequency to boost or reduce. This gives you much greater control and enables you to customize the sound of your audio to suit your own hearing.

The ParaPro EQ20 unit is ideal for use with the bhi Dual-In-Line, Compact In-Line and NEIM1031MKII units. It can also be used with the bhi DESKTOP & DSPKR noise canceling speakers via the headphone socket on the front.

  • Parametric equaliser lets you to adjust the receive audio to suit your hearing
  • 10W audio per channel
  • Class-D type audio amplifier for power efficiency and eliminate the need for bulky heatsinking
  • Use with mono, stereo or two separate audio channel inputs
  • 4mm banana plug or RCA phono plug audio output connections
  • Use with your own passive speakers
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone output (Class AB)
  • Easy to use control of all functions
  • Signal input overload feature
  • 12V DC operation (2A)
  • User manual and accessory kit supplied
  • Dims: 145mm (W) x 75mm (H) X 100mm (D)
  • Benefits those with some form of hearing loss or impairment
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