Explorer QRZ-1 USB-C Direct Charge Battery



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Will not work with USB-C chargers
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The USB-C port on this battery is not implemented properly, and so most USB-C chargers will not charge it. If you want to charge the battery via USB-C you'll need to use a regular USB-A power source and a USB-A to USB-C cable. Other than that this is a perfectly fine battery.

If you want to learn more about how USB-C is supposed to work you can google "USB-C pulldown." Basically the issue here is that there is no pulldown resistor on the battery's USB-C port to let the charger know what kind of device this is and whether to feed it 5V or something else, so most chargers won't send voltage. USB-A doesn't support anything like this and will just blindly feed 5V over an adapter cable.
using usb to charge battery
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Charging for over 18 hours via USB and still not fully charged, it is at 7.75 volts though which would power the radio for a while. Same charger/cable pair charges my cell in 3 hours.

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