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Fifty Dollar Amateur Radio Hobby Starter

All you need to get started in the amateur radio hobby!  One dual band HT (handie talkie) and an FCC certified technician class study guide is all it takes to introduce yourself (or someone else!) in the life long hobby of amateur radio.

Learn how analog communication works!  Learn about direct current electricity!  Learn about radio waves and countless other topics!  

But don't just read about it.  With this kit, you can start listening to your local repeaters within minutes!  And when you pass your FCC certification, you'll be able to jump right into the conversation!

Amateur radio enthusiasts have been pioneers in many fields, from the space program to concert stages, from emergency response to casual pilots, including engineers and tinkerers/makers, too.  

The hobby of amateur radio never ends.  When will it begin?  Right now!
Baofeng UV-5RE 2M/440, 4W Dual Band HT
NO NONSENSE Technician Class License Study Guide by KB6NU
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