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Saltwater is the most abundant natural resource on the planet. We have developed a product that turns saltwater into useful electrical power!

Introducing the GREENIVATIVE Magic® (G-MAG®) Saltwater Powered Battery Charger!

This environmentally friendly, lightweight, high power density fuel cell has a broad range of applications that require a safe, portable and reliable power source. This AA battery charger is perfect for a variety of applications and charges any Nimh or Nicd rechargeable battery. GMAG will charge 6 AA batteries in two hours and has a charging capability equal to about 90 alkaline batteries for a fraction of their cost.

Powered by magnesium anodes and salt water (seawater or table salt and tap water), GMAG is a power source that is perfectly suited for home emergencies, the outdoorsman or anywhere conventional power is not available.

Each Purchase Includes:
  • GMAG Fuel Cell/Saltwater Powered Battery Charger
  • Six AA Rechargeable Batteries - 1400mAh NiMH (can be used with any standard AA NiMH battery charger)
  • Four Salt Packets
  • Operating And Storage Instructions.
PLUS: The Works contains everything needed to provide personal power essentials whenever you need it or when disaster strikes.
  • The GMAG USB Charger Pack
  • 4 AAA to AA adapters*
  • 2 AA to C adapters*
  • 2 AA to D adapters*
The GMAG USB Charger Pack charges most cell phones and USB compatible devices. It will will provide enough power to operate the integrated flashlight with 2 lightly charged AA Batteries and will provide light to load the GMAG AA Battery Charger and charge 6 AA Batteries for use in other devices.

*Included adapters allow for charging AAA batteries and, with adapters, to operate C and D Sized Devices. With 4 AA Batteries the GMAG USB Charger Pack charges most cell phones and USB compatible electronic devices. It will get your walkie talkies back on the air or allow for cell phone communication when there is no power.

 All in all, The Works provide you with the ability to light up the room and to operate a range of other devices requiring an assortment of battery sizes. The Works provides comfort in the darkness and chaos.

 G-MAG® is the perfect source of power for people involved in activities far removed from the power grid.
  • Hunters
  • Campers
  • Hikers
  • Bikers
  • Boaters
  • Sailors
  • Fishermen
  • RVers
  • ATVers
  • Home owners (When the power goes out)

All can benefit from this amazing device. This environmentally friendly and lightweight fuel cell has a broad range of applications needing a safe, portable and reliable power source.

G-MAG® has an unlimited shelf life (years) when dry. By adding a small amount of salt water, it instantly begins to make power. Imagine all of the applications for a device that needs only the application of saltwater to make power!

Will recharge up to 6 AA rechargeable batteries in about 2 hours – 15 times (Re-charging 6 AA rechargeable batteries 15 times is like carrying 90 batteries in your pocket!

G-MAG® is a small device, about twice the size of a cell phone. Weighing only about 5.6 ounces, G-MAG® is very powerful for its size and very easy to use.
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