GigaParts MARS Mod Level 9

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**This service is non-refundable once completed**

To make an amateur radio capable of transmitting just outside of the amateur radio bands, this service usually involves the removal of a surface mount component inside of an amateur radio (along with some additional steps).

By having GigaParts perform this modification, you will retain the manufacturer warranty backed by GigaParts (should a problem arise from the modification we perform). Damage caused to the radio by transmitting too far out of its intended frequency range is not covered under warranty.

This service is usually performed for licensed operators from the Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS) or Civil Air Patrol (CAP), but we do not require proof of license to order this service. It is the responsibility of each radio operator to make sure they are in compliance with FCC regulations regarding frequency usage, power output, and accepted equipment.

If you are looking for two-way radios for hunting clubs, racing teams, construction teams, family communications, or businesses, using a modified amateur radio is usually not the best solution. If you're looking for one of these solutions, please contact us! We have other radios available for those purposes and are happy to help you choose the best equipment for your application.

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