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WeVolt Ultra-Portable Armored Battery System - The ReVolt has a little brother! Same awesome ruggedness as the ReVolt, but pint-sized and lower priced.

The WeVolt is a sort of little brother to the ReVolt, but even more portable.  The ReVolt has earned a reputation for durability and performance in some of the most demanding applications possible.  Many ReVolt users are military and first responders.  When these same users were requesting a similar device that could fit into a pocket with a dedicated high-amp USB port, we started the R&D process.  The result is the WeVolt.

 Intended for small electronics like cellphones, GPS, Ballistic Computers, two-way radios, and rechargeable lights, the WeVolt will charge most smartphones at least five or six times.  Its 3 amp USB port is very powerful, and will 'fast charge' most devices.

A battery system that is armored for real life.

A source of energy that is not harmed by water.

A rugged, versatile power source you can rely on.

Features Include:

  • One-button operation - A single, watertight pushbutton controls the unit.
  • Full-size USB, pushing 3 amps!
  • Simple interface with the charger - a single barrel plug connection.
  • Only weights 20 ounces!
  • 2.2 Amp Hours at 12 volts.. over 26 watt hours of energy!
  • 4.9 Amp Hours at 5 volts (USB)
  • Rear Barrel socket provides full 12 VDC power
  • The same crushproof strength and waterproof construction as the ReVolt.
  • Incredibly Small: 5"x4"x1" 20oz

The WeVolt is waterproof. Not water resistant, water PROOF. It contains a 2.2 amp hours at 12 volts. That is over 26 watt hours, in the palm of your hand. If you want to compare it to a cellphone charger, be sure you compare true energy, shown below:

At 12 volts, it has 2.2 amp-hours (2,200 MaH), or 26 watt-hours

At 5 volts (USB), it has 4.9 amp-hours (4,900 MaH), or 26 watt-hours

At 4 volts (Cell Phone) it has 6.6 amp-hours (6,600 MaH), or 26 watt-hours

The case is extruded 6063 high tensile aluminum.

Wall thickness of the aluminum is a full 1/8"

Tough Waterproof switch.

The LED Voltmeter is covered with a thick layer of epoxy.&nb

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