Heil Sound AD-1-IC

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AD-1-iC (8 pin Icom)
No capacitor. Use only with our 'iC' electret condenser elements.
This has NO capacitor thus allowing the control voltage to reach the 'iC' element.

AD-1 Microphone Adapters for Heil Boomsets
By leaving the adapters plugged in your radio, you can move from transceiver to transceiver with the Pro Series Boomset without having to rewire the microphone for each individual radio.
  • All Heil Boomsets require the appropriate adapter to mate them to your particular model transceiver.

  • Custom orders are available for other brands.

  • A 1/4" female jack exits the radio connector for connections for a PTT switch or footswitch.
The AD-1-iC is solely for use with the Pro Set iC, Pro Set Quiet Phones iC, and Pro Set Plus iC. The Pro Set 5, when used with Icom rigs, requires the AD-1-I, not the AD-1-iC; the AD-1-I includes a capacitor that blocks DC from hitting the dynamic microphone element in the Pro Set. . .this voltage will disable the element!
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