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Heil AD-100, Yaesu 6-pin Mic Adapter for Heil Dynamic Mic

The Heil AD-100 has been developed so all Heil dynamic microphones and headsets can be used with the Yaesu FT 100, and all Yaesu mobile radios that use the 6-pin modular (RJ-11) mic connector. Simply pair it with the appropriate CC-1 Y or AD-1Y adapters and cables, and it will work on the Yaesu 6-pin mic radios.

**EXAMPLE** : to use the Heil BM-10-DYNAMIC headset on the Yaesu FT-2900R, you will need the AD-100 plus the AD-1-Y8 adapter cable to the Yaesu 8-pin Round. Then, to switch to the Heil HM-12 deskmic, you will still need this AD-100 adapter at the radio, plus the CC-1-Y8 mic cable to 8-pin Round.

The Yaesu FT 100 multiplexes the PTT, Mic audio, touch tone signals and control data onto one single line making it impossible to use anything other than the stock microphone with this great little radio. Neither the Traveler or our 'iC' elements will work on the FT 100. Only our HC dynamic elements plugged into our AD-100 adapter will work with your FT 100.
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