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Black 10ft Heil Wire Microphone Cable (Shielded 2 conductor Audio Cable and 2 conductor Control Cable)

For years, the amateur radio industry has been forced to use audio cable built for some other purpose than connecting a.c. and d.c. voltages between microphones and transmitters. Until the past few years, this has not been a big problem but with the recent focus on high quality audio and the need to interface much more than a simple microphone, the need for higher quality cable has grown. But the proper cable just simply doesn't exist. Until now.

Heil Sound, has once again answered the problem by designing and producing "Heilwire" - a specialized cable specifically for use in interfacing balanced audio lines from a professional audio mixer into the transmitter input. Along with this is the ability to carry the d.c. control lines either from a push to talk circuit or a computer keying system. The key to this new wire is to reduce the capacitive coupling between these two signals and shield the sensitive audio lines from the outside r.f. environment to reduce interference that the transmitter may create.

"HEILWIRE" contains two 18 gauge audio leads residing in a 100% silver braided shield. Not the usual 40% spiral wrap or aluminum foil that has been the used in this market for years, but a true 100% silver braid that shields those very sensitive balanced audio lines from the outside world. Along side of this shield is another pair of 18 gauge control wires that can carry the push to talk circuits and keep the d.c. components totally away from the a.c. audio signals. The outer jacket is a very flexible p.v.c. jacket that was designed to fit - exactly into the cable clamp system of the popular 8 pin Foster plug used by the majority of amateur radio transmitters. No extra "fill" grommets or heat shrink necessary to make the Foster clamp work. "HEILWIRE" fits perfectly and brings a new direction to audio cable systems in the amateur radio as well as commercial broadcast industries.

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