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Heil 'iC' high performance electret for ICOM use 4 pin XLR w/PTT * Use CC-1 adapter cable. * Use on older Icom radio's. Non PRO models need the iC element!


Finally, the Hollow, Clamshell Sound
from your Hand Mic is Gone!


For years, Bob Heil has been working on eliminating the hollow, clamshell sounds of the hand microphone. There is no argument, when you place a high quality microphone element inside a shell, the end result sounds like you are talking from the bottom of a barrel !

Bob designed a very special open sorbothane shock mount that puts the various Heil microphone elements in the open, not encased in a shell. This results in the cleanest, clearest and most articulate hand microphone - EVER ! The low handling noise and exceptional cardiod pattern makes the Handi Mic ideal for mobile or portable use.

There are five models of HANDI MIC. Each designed for specific transmitter and audio inputs. Four of HANDI MIC family terminates in the traditional Heil 4 pin XLR broadcast connector allowing the Heil CC-1 connecting cables to be used. The PRO PLUS Handi Mic is truly an amazing microphone for live sound and because of it's small size. It is perfect for interview microphones.

All of the HANDI MIC models are shipped with the unique Heil Dash or wall mount, a 5/8" -27 mic clip and a foam windscreen.

The HANDI MIC introduction signals the death of the clamshell hand microphone! The reports from this great little cutie are sensational !!

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