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DC Power Jack for HP/Compaq Presario F500, F700, V6000, DV6000, and DV9000 Series Notebooks

F500, F553, F555, F557, F558, F560, F562, F564, F565, F572, F576 F750, F750US, F750CA, F754, F754CA, F755, F755US, F756, F756CA, F756NR, V6000, V6000T, V6000Z, V6001XX, V6002XX, V6030, V6030US, V6048CL, V6100, V6101, V6101US, V6101XX, V6102XX, V6103NR, V6104NR, V6105NR, V6107US, V6110CA, V6110US, V6117US, V6120, V6120US, V6130, V6130US, V6133CL, V6137, V6137US, V6143CL, V6171CL, V6171US, V6198XX, V6200, V6202XX, V6204US, V6205NR, V6210CA, V6210US, V6215CA, V6216CA, V6230CA, V6299XX, V6305CA, V6305NR, V6310CA, V6310US, V6316CA, V6317CA, V6318CA, V6320CA, V6400Z, V6420US, V6444US, V6500, V6500T, V6500Z, V6599XX, V6600, V6620US, V6719NR, V6741US, DV6000, DV6000T, DV6000Z, DV6001XX, DV6002XX, DV6003XX, DV6040CA, DV6040US, DV6045NR, DV6058CL, DV6100, DV6103NR, DV6105CA, DV6105US, DV6107US, DV6108NR, DV6108US, DV6110CA, DV6110US, DV6113CA, DV6113US, DV6115CA, DV6115NR, DV6118NR, DV6119US, DV6120CA, DV6120LA, DV6120US, DV6125SE, DV6129US, DV6130CA, DV6130US, DV6135CA, DV6135NR, DV6139US, DV6140CA, DV6140US, DV6149US, DV6150CA, DV6150US, DV6165CL, DV6171CL, DV6174CA, DV6174CL, DV6196XX, DV6197XX, DV6198XX, DV6200, DV6200XX, DV6205CA, DV6205US, DV6206US, DV6208NR, DV6213CL, DV6215CA, DV6215US, DV6220LA, DV6225US, DV6226US, DV6227CL, DV6233SE, DV6235CA, DV6235NR, DV6235US, DV6236US, DV6243CL, DV6244US, DV6245CA, DV6245US, DV6246US, DV6247CA, DV6247CL, DV6253CL, DV6255CA, DV6255US, DV6256US, DV6258SE, DV6263CL, DV6265CA, DV6265US, DV6267CL, DV6275US, DV6299XX, DV6305CA, DV6305US, DV6306RS, DV6307CA, DV6308CA, DV6308NR, DV6315CA, DV6324US, DV6325CA, DV6325US, DV6326US, DV6327CA, DV6327CL, DV6335CA, DV6335US, DV6337CL, DV6337US, DV6338SE, DV6345US, DV6353CA, DV6353CL, DV6353US, DV6355CA, DV6355US, DV6358SE, DV6363CA, DV6365US, DV6375US, DV6400, DV6401CA, DV6402CA, DV6403CL, DV6404CA, DV6405CA, DV6405US, DV6406CA, DV6406NR, DV6407CL, DV6407NR, DV6408CA, DV6408NR, DV6409CA, DV6409US, DV6409WM, DV6410CA, DV6415CA, DV6415US, DV6416CA, DV6418CA, DV6420LA, DV6422LA, DV6424CA, DV6425CA, DV6425US, DV6426CA, DV6426US, DV6427CL, DV6428CA, DV6433CL, DV6435CA, DV6436NR, DV6437CL, DV6439NR, DV6445US, DV6446US, DV6448SE, DV6449US, DV6450US, DV6451US, DV6452SE, DV6455US, DV6458SE, DV6470US, DV6500, DV6500t, DV6500z, DV6560US, DV6563CL, DV6565CA, DV6565US, DV6567CL, DV6568SE, DV6570CA, DV6570US, DV6573CL, DV6575CA, DV6575US, DV6585CA, DV6589US, DV6597XX, DV6598XX, DV6599XX, DV6600, DV6603CA, DV6604CL, DV6604NR, DV6605CA, DV6605US, DV6607CL, DV6607NR, DV6607RS, DV6608CA, DV6609WM, DV6611CA, DV6612CA, DV6618CA, DV6620LA, DV6622CA, DV6623CL, DV6624CA, DV6625CA, DV6625US, DV6626CA, DV6626US, DV6627CA, DV6627NR, DV6628CL, DV6628US, DV6629CA, DV6629US, DV6629WM, DV6631CA, DV6633US, DV6634NR, DV6636NR, DV6640NR, DV6640US, DV6642CA, DV6645CA, DV6645US, DV6646US, DV6647CL, DV6647NR, DV6648SE, DV6650US, DV6653CL, DV6653US, DV6654CL, DV6654US, DV6660SE, DV6661SE, DV6662SE, DV6663CA, DV6663CL, DV6663US, DV6667CL, DV6670CA, DV6672US, DV6675US, DV6693US, DV6696NR, DV6700, DV6700t, DV6700z, DV6701CA, DV6701US, DV6702US, DV6702XX, DV6703CL, DV6704CA, DV6704NR, DV6705CA, DV6707US, DV6713CA, DV6714CA, DV6716CA, DV6718CA, DV6720LA, DV6724CA, DV6725CA, DV6725US, DV6727CA, DV6728CA, DV6729CA, DV6729US, DV6736NR, DV6744CA, DV6745US, DV6746CA, DV6746US, DV6747CL, DV6747NR, DV6748CA, DV6748US, DV6749US, DV6751US, DV6752US, DV6753CA, DV6753CL, DV6753US, DV6755CA, DV6755US, DV6756US, DV6757CA, DV6758US, DV6770SE, DV6772NR, DV6773CL, DV6775US, DV6780CA, DV6780SE, DV6785CA, DV6785SE, DV6801CA, DV6805CA, DV6807US, DV6809US, DV6809WM, DV6810US, DV6812NR, DV6814CA, DV6815NR, DV6818CA, DV6823US, DV6824CA, DV6825CA, DV6827CA, DV6830US, DV6833US, DV6834CA, DV6835CA, D
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