Hustler MX-270 Magmount Antenna 2m/70cm Coax PL259



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Review by countryboy
I like this antenna, but there is a few flaws, on eHam gives the flaws and more details . On my hands on. When putting the Oring on the base between the magnet mount and screw on mno like, at the top of the magnet take your time and it does work .make sure it is all the way on. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the mno like base a lot of reviews says the bottom will crack in time cause by over tighten. Also i bend the tap down just a little to make sure it touches the middle conductor. Screw it on, then take back off, to see the marks on the middle conductor if so, screw it back on, knowing now the middle conductor is touching good, that was a must in my case . I wish the SWR was better than it is. It is not bad but can be better, you can not tune it much . 2 meter is better on the swr than 70cm . but i can say, i talked 29 miles away from a repeater using low power about 5 watts in my car,with a lot of hills between me and the repeater. a ham buddy of mine says that he has a lot trouble just getting into the repeater and he is using a base antenna using 50 watts with a better shoot to the repeater than i do. so that is saying something. I will play with it more to get a better swr . I think it does a better job than them cheap 20" antennas do . Remember this is not a real high gain antenna.Pretty much a plug and play antenna. 73's

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