Icom AL-705 40-10M Magnetic Loop Antenna

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Icom AL-705 40-10M Magnetic Loop Antenna

The Icom AL-705 40-10M Magnetic Loop Antenna is manufactured by Alpha Antenna.  The 3-foot-wide base Alpha Loop that covers 10 to 40 Meters is remotely tuned and rated at 100 watts PEP SSB, 50 watts CW, or 25 watts digital, which are each based on duty cycles.This magnetic loop antenna is a complete circuit, so there is no need for radials or counterpoise. It also includes a direct wire remote control.

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  • Minimum mounting height is 1 loop diameter high (about 3 feet or higher)
  • The Alpha MagLoop can be placed high enough to see above and past obstacles
  • Attic installations with asphalt shingles typically see only a little more than 1 S-Unit of loss
  • Can be mounted horizontally on your mast to enhance Omnidirectional and NVIS performance
  • Total maximum tuning time from 7.0MHz to 29.7MHz is 90 seconds when the tuning speed knob is turned completely to the right
  • Tapping the left or right button allows for easy step tuning
  • Matching network that is remotely controlled for tuning the antenna.
  • Inner Loop with SO239 for connecting the antenna to your equipment.
  • Outer Loop that covers 10-40 meters.
  • Mounting hardware (2- 16 inch cross supports, top & center mast mounts, and u-bolts, which brings all the components together and installs on your mast that can have a diameter up to 1.25 inches.
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