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Icom IC-PW1

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Discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Icom IC-PW1 HF+6m 1kW solid-state linear amplifier

The power you need... to succeed!

Wide frequency coverage with 1 KW output*
All HF bands plus 50 MHz are covered. The IC-PW1 provides a stable, clean and low distortion 1 kW from 1.8 MHz to 50 MHz*. In addition, full duty cycle (even during more demanding RTTY or SSTV operation) and full break -in operation are possible. Great for DX'peditions or contest operation.
*Guaranteed within amateur bands only.

Wide ALC adjustable range
Internal circuitry allows the ALC to be adjusted over a wide range. This means that the IC-PW1 can be used with almost any HF, 6 m or HF/6 m rigs - not only Icom rigs*
*Ask GigaParts about usable exciters.

Compact body
Dimensions, including amplifier, power supply, tuner and controller, are only 350(H) x 269(W) x 378(D)mm* And, because the controller is detachable, the IC-PW1 can be installed almost anywhere in your shack.

Other outstanding features

  • Automatic antenna tuner built-in
  • Automatic AC input voltage selector is employed
  • Current (Ip), Voltage (Vp), temperature, SWR and output power protectors are available


Frequency Coverage (MHz)

  • 1.800 - 1.999 3.500 - 3.999
  • 7.000 - 7.300 10.100 - 10.150
  • 14.000 - 14.350 18.068 - 18.168
  • 21.000 - 21.450 24.890 - 24.990*
  • 28.000 - 28.700* 50.000 - 54.000

*Inhibited in the US version.

Power supply requirements

  • 180 - 264 V AC or 90 - 132 V AC (single phase; 50 / 60 Hz)

Current Drain

  • Less than 15 A (max. output at 200 V)
  • Less than 20 A (max. output at 100 V)

Usable temperature range

  • -10°C to +40°C;
  • +14°F to +104°F.

Duty cycle: Full duty

Input connector: SO-239 x 2 (50 ohm)
Output connector: SO-239 x 4 (50 ohm)

Linear Amplifier

Output power
AC Input        180-264V AC       90-132V AC
CW, RTTY          1 kW                   500 W
SSB                1 kW PEP            500 W PEP

Driving power Max. 100 W

Spurious emissions

  • Less than -60 dB (HF bands)
  • Less than -50 dB (50 MHz)

Antenna Tuner

Output matching range
(tuner switch ON)

  • 16.7 ohms to 150 ohms impedance (HF bands)
  • 20.0 ohms to 125 ohms impedance (50 MHz)

Auto tuning accuracy VSWR 1.5:1 or less

Min. required input power 60 W

Insertion loss Less than 1 dB (after tuning)

Controller separation cable
ACC cables
Coaxial cable with PL-259 plugs

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