Icom SM30 Desktop microphone, 8-pin round

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Icom SM30 Desktop microphone, 8-pin round

The SM-30 is a goose-neck style desktop microphone designed for compatibility with Icom's current HF base station radios, ranging from the IC-718 to the IC-7800. Equipped with an 8-pin metal connector, the microphone incorporates both PTT (Push-To-Talk) and PTT lock switches, offering convenient control options. Additionally, it includes a low-cut filter for enhanced audio quality.

This microphone is specifically tailored for use with Single Sideband (SSB) and Frequency Modulation (FM) modes. Its adjustable output level ensures flexibility in audio settings, and the voice characteristics have been fine-tuned to optimize performance in SSB and FM applications. The SM-30 is a reliable accessory for HF base station setups, providing a versatile and ergonomic solution for communication needs.

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