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Customer Reviews

Best radio I've ever had.
Review by SCOTT
This is definitely the fanciest HT I've ever had. I'm very happy with it. The display has a big wow factor with all that color. It has a wideband receive, dual VFO, loud audio with an equalizer, great reception and great transmission. I get good audio reports except when Im inside and around a lot of concrete. Then its a bit scratchy. I installed the Diamond SRH320 antenna and that was a nice addition. The radio still has full receive wide band with the new antenna. CB radios, CA Highway Patrol, GMRS, marine, military air, business band, etc. no problemo. I also got the flexible "makers" radio case from Ebay and it fits like a glove. I have purchased batteries for it from Batteries USA, just as I have for other radios. But these batteries wouldn't fit. They sent me more batteries and those did not fit either. This is one situation where you should only buy Kenwood brand accessories for this radio. This radio is picky in that regard. Scans like a champ. Very easy to use menu. Thats why I'm a Kenwood fan. I did run into one issue: when my Galaxy Note 10+ was updated to Android 11, I lost the bluetooth connection to the radio and it will not pair up anymore. I reset everything on both devices and tried all the tricks to no avail. Other than that, its a perfect radio for me. The newer versions seem to have fixed the "dead radio on the charger" problem wherein your radio stops working altogether while its turned on, while placed in the charger. I haven't had that problem whatsoever. I do recommend getting at least one extra battery. They go quick. I suggest the battery from Kenwood as others will not fit. GPS is quick to lock on. Bluetooth works great with my Parrot +250 headset. VOX works great. Easy and quick to connect. Programming with the RT systems KRS-D74 software is great. It works on my 2002 XP computer! I am not able to use the free Kenwood software because my computer is so old. Doesn't work on my Google chromebook either, but its not supposed to. Anyways, great radio. 73 W6SWH
I love this radio, ,only thing it needs is DRM, I think We can mod it ????,.
Review by CripSkillz
Just Jokin, but it is a great radio, took a bit to get used to it.. And a few days of reading n re reading, to figure out the settings I needed, but first D'star so no biggie, only negative is price of xtra battery. Well that and not wanting to take it out to often cuz I have other radios Im not worried about, Shes just sooo nice and ya cost me a few months of radio funds..
To many functions!!!
Review by Steven (KE5ES)
This radio has everything! It does everything! I primarily use it for AMSAT work. I transmit on B band and receive on A band while recording the receive. Works wonderfully as I don't have to bother writing down the callsigns but can listen later. I recently found that I can monitor one of the local law enforcement channels (not transmit on) and record it. With the squelch turned up it only records when someone is talking. Great radio so far.
Had 3 days and radio will not charge
Review by Alan
Great radio but looks like the issue with charging circuit reported by many others has not been fixed 3Q2019. I will be contacting Gigaparts to have the radio replaced or repaired. Extremely disappointing when I have had my IC 92AD and have never had issues to date.
Follow up review.
Review by Steve
I loved the radio, but just once left the battery attached to the radio while off on medical, and now I'm fine but the radio is dead. I'm now six months out of warranty but was only a month out when I tried to initiate repair. Yes, I realize the warranty has expired and Kenwood has fulfilled their obligation. I've tried replacement batteries and a new charger. I contacted Kenwood via email and was referred to their 3rd party US repair center that wants $165 and stated this is a known issue with the charging circuit. I'm really disappointed. My last Kenwood is 15 years old and works as well as it did the day I received it. To their credit, this is such a great radio that I will probably just pay to have it fixed when I can. But if this is a known issue.....
Review by Steve (bob814u)
This rasio actually comea with a manual that is bigger than the radio. The radio works great. I am still learning all the functions. Clear tx signal into a repeater 20 miles away with the diamond antenna. APRS is FULL function to include e-mail out. Digital Voice is SO clear! Worth the money. I worked and saved for 6 months to buy it. It is rated one eye brow raise from XYL when she saw it (didn't tell her the cost).
An Outstandingly Versatile Handheld
Review by Formsby
This is a phenomenal piece of communications equipment. Great coverage of many bands, D-Star, Bluetooth, and power on all three of the most popular amateur bands. Suggest replacing the factory antenna with a Jetstream JTH2, also use an external antenna for surprising HF reception. If only they had added APCO 25 Phase II. (Uniden take note. This is how a scanner should be built!)
An expensive yet very fancy radio
Review by Vlad
This is my first ham radio and I am just starting to explore it. It took me, a new ham, very little time to figure out the most basic settings to get started. I am most interested in D-STAR and APRS modes.

The radio is very tough. I dropped it on asphalt and it barely got any scratches. A great plus for the device for this price!

I find this radio quite pricey; perhaps I should've tried Kenwood TH-D72 model but I don't really regret the purchase.

Great Radio
Review by Steve
This radio has nearly everything I could ask for, but many of these features do take a toll on the battery. A full field day is out of the question without a spare pack or a charger. The display is full color and is very sharp. I can have incoming audio routed through my car's bluetooth sound system out of the box. I'm also able to drop the TX output to 0.05W to save battery when using a gateway at home. The radio feels great in my hand, though I wish the PTT had a better feel. I've used my Icom IC-T7H for 15 years and wish I could find that crisp-no-matter-where-you-push-it PTT in a current radio. It's expensive, but is a great radio for a beginner due to the fact that there is a built in GPS and pre-loaded repeater information. It is simple to find a local repeater and have a chat once you have received your callsign. It's a tri-band in the US, so many local nets will be available if you are within range of the repeater.
Great replacement for th f6
Review by Thomas
If you are going to do more than the local repeaters the supplied user guide is incomplete. You will need to download the full manual or get the Nifty Mini Manual.

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