Kenwood TM-D710GA

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Kenwood TM-D710GA Mobile Radio, 2m/70cm, 50W, +GPS 

The control head is detached and comes with remote cable for easy installation. The TM-D710GA is a true dual-band operation radio so VHF+VHF/VHF+UHF/UHF+UHF operation is possible. 

NOTE: DTMF Decode and all features associated with it are currently unavailable.

TM-D710GA serial number B8610001, and above

These units in the future will NO longer have DTMF decode capability,

effecting Wireless Remote Control ONLY in cross-band operation.

They will still have cross-band repeat operation just

without the DTMF wireless remote control functions.

The DTMF chip is no longer available.


• High RF Power Output (50W) 
• 1,000 Multifunction Memory Channels 
• Dual Receive on Same Band (VxV, UxU) 
• EchoLink® MEMORY (Automatic Dialer) 
• EchoLink® Sysop Mode For Node Terminal Operation 
• Multiple Scan 
• Invertible Front Panel 
• Choice of 2 Backlight Colors (AMBER/GREEN) For The LCD Panel 
• 104-Code Digital Code Squelch 
• "FIVE-IN-ONE" Programmable Memory
Kenwood TM-D710GA Transceiver
MC-59 Hand Mic
DC Power Cable
Cable with a 2.5mm (1/10") 3-conductor plug (for GPS)
Modular Plug cable (for Panel)
Line Filter
Mic Hanger
Mounting Bracket
Panel Holder
Panel Bracket
Base Stand
Screw Kit
Owners Manual and Warranty Card
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