La Crosse 810-106

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Solar / Hand Crank Severe Weather Alert Radio


• Receives all 7 NOAA weather band channels

• Warning system that automatically activates when severe weather or other emergencies threaten your local area

• Blue backlight changes to red during weather alerts

• Standard AM / FM radio reception

• IC Chip: USA-made high quality digital audio radio

• Cranking time of 1-minutes equals 30-minutes of use

• Solar panel will power the radio all day in full sunlight

• Integrated high-intensity LED flashlight

• Replaceable Lithium-ion rechargeable battery included

• 600mAh lithium rechargeable battery has twice the charging capacity of the competition

• 3.5mm earphone jack

• Telescoping antenna

• LED charge indicator light

• Rugged design: stainless steel bars continue through the case to create a heavy duty framework

• Mini USB port

Receive up-to-the-minute weather updates. This portable AM/FM severe weather radio receives seven different NOAA weather band channels. It also functions as a standard AM/FM radio for recreational use. The integrated LED flashlight is helpful during power failures or outdoor activities. The radio is always ready when you need it offering multiple charging options: (1) hand crank, (2) solar panel or (3) a standard mini USB cable (not included).

Mini USB Port Options: • Charge the radio with a computer using a standard mini USB cable (sold separately)

• Charge a cell phone with an adapter/cable for an iphone, micro, and mini (sold separately)

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