Large IP67 Waterproof, Shockproof Storage Case

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Large IP67 Waterproof, Shockproof Storage Case

• With one plastic handle, four plastic latches.

• Dustproof, IP 67 Waterproof, Chemical Resistant, Shock Proof.

• Unbreakable Toughness by using glass fiber reinforcement to PP.

• Oversized fold-down handle for easy carrying.

• Pressure equalization valve creates an airtight and O-ring watertight seal.

• Easy open latch system.

• Customized die-cut foam.

External Dimension

19.78'*15.77'*7.41'        502*400*188mm

Internal Dimension

18.06'*12.89'*6.72'        459*327*171mm

Cover Inner Depth

1.79'                              45mm

Bottom Inner Depth

4.93'                              125mm

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