Larsen NMO70SH 144-148/440-450MHz 19" antenna, Short, Chrome, NMO - NMO2/70SH



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Larsen performance
Review by Richard
This dual band Larsen antenna is mounted on the trunk of my 98 mustang Cobra with a Larsen antenna and Larsen mag mount being measured with an MFJ 269C antenna analyzer reads 1:1.1 SWR and a resonant frequency of 146.230 with an impedance of 51 ohms making it the perfect antenna system . I can now reach a repeater 10 miles away with a 5W Yaesu FT-70DR HT "clear as bell" as from statements from other operators tell me. These Larsen antennas are made for marine vessels that do not have a groundplane which why Larsen built the groundplane into antenna and mag mounts. The readings I've gotten have me buying another antenna for my Fusion digital public node (#33248 KM4IQH 145.575) antenna that I'm setting up.

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