LDG Y-ACC One-touch-tune cable for FT857/897



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Works well
Review by Larry W7GST
Cable works very well, once you know HOW to set it up properly. After reading the first review, just before making any calls, I followed John's simple directions and DONE !
THANKS JOHN, appreciate your review.
Works great!- NO Instructions
Review by John
Cable works great. However, it was a nightmare getting it to work. No instructions and poor guy from Tech Support didn't know either. However, from LDG (my tuner manufacturer):
Connect red end to radio, black end to tuner.
Pressing the tune button on the tuner changes the mode of the radio to CW (mode change does not appear on some radio display), tunes, then returns the radio to the previous mode. The RF power is lowered while the tuner is tuning. There is no need to change RF power settings before or after tuning.
For FT-991(A), set menu item 141 (Tuner Select) to LAMP (for Linear Amp). For FT-891 set menu item 16-15 (Tuner Select) to LAMP. For both use the ALC/REM jack (red end of the Y-ACC cable goes to the radio).

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