Lido LM-300-22-EXT-18-1001-P Seat Bolt Mount with Extension Plate and Phone Holder for All Remote Heads

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This Seat Bolt Mount from Lido with hold everything!!! It comes with all the stuff you need to attach your phone, remote head bracket, and microphone.

You will need the remote head bracket from the manufacturer, but if you have that, this package will work for any Alinco, Anytone, BaoFeng, Icom, Kenwood or Yaesu control head and microphone.

Comes with the following:

  • Adhesive hook for Icom and some Alinco microphones, and the button type mic hangar.
  • 5mm bolt for the Yaesu FTM-100 FTM-200 FTM-300 FTM-350 FTM-400 FTM-6000 and FT-891.
  • 1/4 X 20 that can be attached to the MB-63 bracket for the Icom IC-706 and the MB-105 for the Icom IC-7000 and IC-2820H and the MB-8 for the Icom ID-4100
  • You can attach all other remote head brackets like the MBA-5 or MBA-2 for the ID-5100 and IC-2730, and the remote head brackets found in the Yaesu YSK remote kits with the included nuts and bolts

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