M&P Airborne 5 Coax Cable 200 ft SN71779

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M&P Airborne 5 200 ft SN71779. All coax is from our 2020 inventory and must go!!

NOTE: Coax is wrapped in plastic wrap from older packaging used and has no PL-259's on either end

Airborne 5, PL-259s,200 ft has a high-resistance screen made of a sturdy aluminum-magnesium alloy braid. This is made by means of a 24-spool braiding machine, generating 50% more crossovers compared to traditional 16 spool machines. This braid is highly effective against low frequency impulsive noises. Triple layer screening tape/foil is highly effective against high frequency interferences, with a screening potential of 100%. The inner conductor is 99.99% pure electrolytic annealed bare copper. It also has a high pressure physical injection foam polyethylene triple layer dielectric. The trample-resistant, UV-shielded PE jacket can be used for underground and outdoor installations. Please note that if you are buying this without adapters, we recommend that you use Messi & Paoloni connectors, as they are designed to avoid welding on the braid; the braid, being made of such a lightweight and sturdy alloy, cannot be welded.

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