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M2 Antenna 432-9WL

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70cm Band 28 Element Yagi

The 432-9WL is a lot of dynamite in a small package. The patterns speak for themselves. The antenna has been optimized for use in an array of two or more antennas, but individually, for its size, it beats anything out there in both pattern and gain !

Mechanically simple, the boom, 1-1/2 inches in the middle, tapers through swaged ends to 1-1/4 and then 1" diameter tips. Polyethylene button insulators with stainless keepers secure the 3/16" rod elements and of course all our antennas feature the CNC machined and 'O' ring sealed Driven Element Module ensuring reliability through weather and time!


  • Frequency Range: 420 - 440 MHz
  • Gain: 17.3dBd
  • Front to Back: 24dBd
  • VSWR: 1.2:1 or better
  • Max Power: 1000 watts
  • Boom Length: 21ft
  • Mast Size: Supports 1.5 - 2.125"
  • Stacking Distance: 70"W 67" H
  • Max Wind: 100MPH
  • Connector: N-Female
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