M2 Antenna 6M HO LOOP

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6m Band HO Loop Antenna

Our new HO LOOP is a result of a continued evaluation and development on reduced size, omnidirectional HORIZONTALLY polarized loops. This new design is easy to match in any situation. Performance is better than anything we have ever seen and its wide bandwidth makes it immune to all weather conditions except heavy ice. Power handling is usually a problem with small loops but again this design can handle 800 Watts with ease and a stacked pair could easily handle 1.5kW. The patterns will give you a good idea how well the 6M HO LOOP will perform in your system. As with all horizontally polarized antennas, performance is usually tied to height above ground but even at 10 feet the HO LOOP yields an amazing 3.8 dBd at an angle of 27 degrees. On a vehicle at 11 feet above ground, the gain jumps to 4.2 dBd at 25 degrees! Twelve foot spacing is optimum for base station or portable use. Note the gain jumps over 3 dB for a stacked pair with this unique antenna.

Physically the HO loop is 29.5 inches square with a wind area of just 0.1 square foot. The 3/8" diameter tubing keeps it light but plenty rugged for mobile operation. The feed block is sealed and potted with silicon gel for extreme reliability and low loss. The feed blocks slide on the tubes for frequency adjustment and the shorting bar adjusts for a perfect match into 50 Ohm feedline. Two HO LOOPS can be stacked using odd quarterwaves of 75 Ohm coax into a "T". Phase can be inverted by simply reversing the feed block mounting as required.


  • Frequency Range: 50 - 50.3 MHz
  • Gain: 4.2dBd
  • Max Power: 800 watts
  • Mounting: 3/8 - 24
  • Stacking Distance: 9' - 12'
  • Connector: SO-239
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