Comet Antennas Dual Band VHF/UHF Magnetic Mount Antenna - MA-721

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Comet Dual Band VHF/UHF Magnetic Mount Antenna - MA-721

Comet Mobile VHF/UHF Vertical Antennas

Comet Mobile VHF/UHF Vertical Antennas are offered in several dual-band styles to suit your needs.

Most mag mount antennas require you to pull the entire magnet and antenna of the vehicle for a car wash, secure it from theft, etc... This typically ends up scratching the mounting location.  The Comet M-24x element is threaded onto the magnet.  Simply unscrew the whip to lock it away or to allow clearance under parking structures, etc.

You can choose from low-profile black cellular lookalikes, those with flexible rubber coated elements or threaded magnetic mounts for easy removal, or those with spring bases.

Comet also has a variety lengths in black anodized and chrome finishes with simple fold-over and threaded fold-over hinges to handle highway speeds- but let you back into the garage.

Any of these quality-built, high-gain antennas will provide you with the  performance you need at a price that you can afford.

Get out and about  with Comet mobile VHF/UHF vertical Magnetic Mount antennas from GigaParts

  • 144 / 440 MHz Dual-Band mobile antenna with magnet base and 16.5' RG-58 coax.
  • Coax terminates in an FME, with PL-259 and SMA-male connectors included.


Manufacturer: Comet Antennas
Frequency range: 144-148MHz and 440-450MHz
Type: 144MHz 3/8 wave, 440MHz 1/4 + 5/8 wave
Gain: 1.7 / 4.15dBi
Impedance: 50 Ohm
VSWR: 1.5:1 or less
Max power: 80W
Height: Approx 19.5”
Weight: Approx 1 lbs
Coax length: 5M RG-58 (16 ft 5 inches)
Coax terminates in an FME: PL-259 and SMA-male Connectors Included



  • Be careful not to allow the antenna element to poke yourself or anyone else in the eye
  • Do not touch the antenna while transmitting to avoid the possibility of an RF burn
  • The magnet is rated to approx 75MPH driving speed but depends on many factors
  • Always check that the antenna is tightened to the magnet base to avoid the element from falling off while driving
  • Always check SWR before use. If you notice unusual signal conditions stop transmitting and check for a cause.


If the paint is dirty, the holding power of the magnet will be less strong. When removing the antenna do not pull on the coax, it may break. Do not slide the magnet, it may scratch the surface. Drive carefully so the antenna does not hit tree branches, garage doors, etc… If the magnet is left on the paint for long periods the paint may become discolored. This antenna is for amateur radio use only. Use on other frequencies may cause damage to the transmitter.


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