MFJ 24 Hr World Map Analog Wall Clock MFJ-115

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World Map 24 Hour Quartz Wall Clock

Set this clock to GMT and you'll know what time it is in designated areas of the world at any time of the day.

Premiere cities outline the trim of this huge 24 hour precision Quartz wall clock. It's easy to calculate what time it is in Moscow, Cairo, London, Chicago, or anywhere in the world! Each city has a + or - number from GMT. You simply add or subtract to know what time it is in each city.

You get supreme Precision Quartz Accuracy plus excellent visibility across your ham shack, professional office, or computer room.

This clock is super attractive! A fancy blue and brown map background is complimented by bright red hands. Huge 24 hour digits are silver inside a bold black inside trim. Detailed cities with + or - hours are lined on the outside silver trim in red and blue. Your whole family will love this clock!

This 24 hour World Map Quartz Wall Clock has a 12 inch diameter face that's easily visible 15 feet away. It's easy to set and easy to use. Operates on a single "AA" battery (not included) for extra long life.

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