MFJ MFJ-1401

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Mobile to Base Station Ground Plane Kit

The MFJ-1401 Mobile to Base Station Ground Plane Kit converts most mobile antennas into a ground plane base station antenna. It handles up to 200 Watts. It accepts only VHF/UHF mobile antennas with a PL-259 connector. 

Can not be used on any other bands besides 2m and 70cm. 
While the kit can be used with tri-band and quad-band antennas, any band besides 2m and 70cm will render an impedance too high to perform properly.

Not to be used with HF ham sticks. 

It includes stainless steel mounting hardware, two hose clamps, allen wrench, and four 20½ inch radials.

Easy installation on any 2-inch pole or pipe with clamps or mounting holes.
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