MFJ Mobile antenna 6m/2m/70cm UHF/NMO 5ft

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RuffRider Tri-Bander. 59 inches of stacked elements with high-Q phasing coils give you outstanding gain for longer QSOs!
You get a whopping 7.2dB gain on 440 MHz, 4.5 dB gain on 2 Meters and 2.15 dBi gain on 6 meters. Work all your favorite bands with just one antenna! Its perfect for the new triband and multiband radios! MFJ-1436 is factory tuned for SWR less than than 1.5:1 with 50 Ohm impedance. handles 150 Watts. 5" mag recommended.

Purchase your MFJ-1436, MOBILE, 6M/2M/440MHz, TRI-BAND, SO/NMO from GigaParts today!

2M/70CM Mobile Antenna

RuffRider Tripple Threat

  • 2.15dB Gain on 6m
  • 4.5dB Gain on 2m
  • 7.2dB Gain on 70cm
  • Handles up to 150 watts
  • 59" Tall
  • UHF connection (NMO adapter included)
  • 5" Magnet (min) recommended
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