MFJ-1730 2M Roll-Up Antenna w/BNC Adapter

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2M Pocket Rollup (J-Pole) Antenna

Roll up this halfwave 2 Meter J-antenna and stick it in your pocket. This MFJ Pocket Roll-up is the perfect gain antenna for traveling.

At home, on the road, vacations, camping, hiking, it's easy to take care with you.

Get home station performance on the go, just hang your PocketRoll-Up in the clear, plug the handy BNC connector into your handheld and enjoy some great QSOs. It's the perfect antenna for your HT on-the-road.

It's omni-directional and has significant gain over a 1/4 wave. It doesn't need a cumbersome ground plane so it's convenient for indoors and works great with handhelds.

Please note production runs may vary from black antenna wire to clear plastic.

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