MFJ MFJ-1731

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70cm Pocket Rollup (J-Pole) Antenna. 1/2 wave. 51” roll-up J-pole for 440 MHz is like MFJ-1730, but shorter.

Roll up this halfwave 70cm J-antenna and stick it in your pocket. This MFJ Pocket Roll-up is the perfect gain antenna for traveling. Just like the MFJ-1730, except shorter.

At home, on the road, vacations, camping, hiking, it's easy to take care with you.

Get home station performance on the go, just hang your PocketRoll-Up in the clear, plug the handy BNC connector into your handheld and enjoy some great QSOs. It's the perfect antenna for your HT on-the-road.

It's omni-directional and has significant gain over a 1/4 wave. It doesn't need a cumbersome ground plane so it's convenient for indoors and works great with handhelds.
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