MFJ Base antenna 2m 2ft with ground plane

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MFJ Base antenna 2m 2ft with ground plane

You get an improved 300 Watt 1/4 wave ground plane for 2 Meters that'll bring up repeaters as well also r better than any 1/4 wave ground plane -- even if they cost twice as much.

The improved MFJ 1/4 wave ground plane minimizes feedline radiation for more useful radiated power, reduced TVI and noise pickup by the coax shield.

MFJ's FastTuneRadiator makes tuning to your favorite part of the band a snap. MFJ's low loss ceramic antenna insulator gives the maximum radiated power. 

The MFJ- 1740 is designed for use on 144 to 148 MHz. However, simple trimming of the radiator and radials will yield a 1/4 wave antenna for 220 MHz band, or a 1/4 wave antenna for 440 MHz band. 

Get years of dependable QSOs because is strong lightweight aluminum parts are protected from corrosion by MFJ's Permanent Molecular Bonding Technology. Mounts to any 1 to 1 1/2 inch mast with included U-bolt. MFJ-1740 is the most inexpensive way to get out a potent FM signal on 2 Meters. Mast not included.
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