MFJ-2240 7 MHz Mini Rotary Dipole Antenna

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MFJ-2240 7 MHz Miniature Rotary Dipole - 250 Watts - SO-239

MFJ Mini-Dipole Antenna

With MFJ Mini Dipole Antennas, there's no reason to miss that sked on 20-meters! In fact, you may select any HF band, including 6-meter VHF, and still make your sked while camping, vacationing, away on DX-pedition, or just plain traveling.

MFJ Mini Dipoles are very clever! Using a special center section that connects two 7 ft. HF Stick mobile antennas to coax, you may clamp the horizontal whips to a mast, pipe, pole, or any round support up to a 1.250 in. diameter. 
Mount the dipole on your mast and feed the SO-239 with your 50 ohm coax and you're on the air! These mono-band dipoles that are only about 14 feet long are strong, compact, convenient 250 watt antennas!

MFJ Mini Dipole Antennas disassemble for easy transport. Remove the stainless steel whips from the loaded fiberglass rods, remove the rods from the center section, roll up the coax, and pack it up! It's that easy! (Coaxial cable not included)

This inexpensive, lightweight, isolated 40 Meter mini-dipole is perfect for when space is limited! Good for temporary or permanent installations. Rotate to null QRM/noise and to focus your signal. Includes two 40 meter "Ham-tenna" HF sticks and MFJ-347 mini-dipole mount.

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