MFJ-347 6 - 80 Meter Mini-Dipole Mount

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Excellent Product
Review by Max
This is a good mount to get a dipole antenna out of your hamsticks. I am using the Shark hamsticks and was able to get a 1.1-1.9 SWR on 10, 20 and 40 meters. Nothing is better than a long or middle wire but for a quick mobile setup, this is a good alternative. I gave it 5 stars because this was better than I expected from a hamstick.
Workable and solidly built
Review by Rick
You should know that even a well tuned dipole which can be provided using a mount like this is good for a narrow frequency range remaining within an acceptable SWL, but it is what it is.
This mount allows mounting a matched pair of hamstick style antennas and provides a reasonable dipole antenna in a basic, tough mount. Tuning a couple MHz away from the sweet spot yields a miserable result (it's physics, baby! NOT the mount). If you plan on working a frequency within your tuned range, you can expect decent results but no more than about 2.15 gain (again, physics).
Don't expect your perfectly calibrated dipole to be competetive with your buddy's multi-element Wonder-Uda Yagi at 50' with a twenty ft. beam, but rest assured that your buddy won't be throwing his precious in the back of his truck and hauling butt to an un-improved site to run mobile in the boonies, either.
Yes, I'd buy this mount again (later today, actually), along with a matching pair of "better" quality stock antennas. 73.

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