MFJ Headphone for radio communications



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Great Headphones
Review by K8TS
When using CW you don't need a boomset staring you in the face, and these reproduce the sound very well. Impedence matches most modern day rigs and with controlable L/R volume, I find them great not only on my FTDX10 and Icom 7300 as both outputs are stereo. Listening to music or You Tube videos is also enjoyable. These rival my Heil headset, but with out the boom mic. My first set lasted over 20 years with heavy use. Now time to replace.
Not too bad but not as advertised
Review by Mike
These are really good inexpensive STEREO headphones with a STEREO plug. As with most headphones with a STEREO plug you only get one side of audio when plugged into a mono output like your HF transceiver or scanner. Keeping them as I needed a stereo headphone for the computer but was disappointed when I plugged them into the IC-7100.

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