MFJ-5114Y4 Pre-wired Rig Interface Cable

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Pre-wired rig interface cable for MFJ-925, MFJ-927, MFJ-928, MFJ-929, MFJ-939 and MFJ-998.

While the MFJ-5114Y3 works with the FT-2000, the FT-2000 also has a TX REQ input that can be used. If you prefer to use the TX REQ input, the MFJ-5114Y4 interface provides control (but not power) between the Yaesu FT-2000 and FT-2000D radios and the MFJ automatic tuner. This cable plugs into the TX REQ RCA jack on the rear panel of these Yaesu radios.
Interface Cable 36in Yaesu FT2K, FT5K, TX REQ input to MFJ Auto Tuner models 92x, 998
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