MFJ-5397K Cable, 8 Pin Round For Kenwood

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MFJ Cable, 8 Pin Round For Kenwood - MFJ-5397K

Adapter Cable for MFJ-297/299

  • Connects the MFJ-297/299 desk mics to the radio
  • Wired to standard Kenwood 8-pin Round mic configuration
  • (Also works with Alinco radios with the 8-pin round mic jack)

8 pin Round and Modular Mic Plugs for the MFJ-297 and MFJ-299 desk mics

  8 Pin Round Mic Plug 8 Pin Modular Mic Plug
KenWood MFJ-5397K MFJ-5397MX
YAESU MFJ-5397Y for MFJ-297
MFJ-5399Y for MFJ-299
MFJ-5399Y2 for MFJ-299 and FT-847
MFJ-5397MY for MFJ-297
MFJ-5397MX for MFJ-299
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