MFJ Deluxe Morse Code Practice Oscillator w/Key - MFJ-557

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This is nice to have
Review by KQ4GUI
I like this CW key and really al it needs for power is a 9v battery. I will be learning CW thanks to this I would buy this again and maybe as a present to other hams I know.
Very good straight keyer.
Review by Pat
Read the warning when hooking up to your transceiver; disconnect the oscillator from the key when connecting the cable to the transceiver. (I didn't make that mistake; just think it's important to mention.) I'm taking a Morse code class and getting compliments on my "fist." Many people are surprised that I use a straight key. My instructor is pressuring me to go iambic, but so far I'm resisting.
Good solid feel to this unit; doesn't bounce around. Easily adjusted for tension and travel. Maybe one day I'll go over to an iambic, but in the mean time I'm very happy with this.

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