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Simplex Pocket Repeater

  • When you and your buddy are out of radio range, this MFJ Simplex Pocket Repeater greatly extends your range.
  • You can have your own private portable repeater within your neighborhood or when hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, caravanning on the road.
  • During a disaster, your MFJ-662 can provide emergency communications when repeaters are down.
  • You can communicate way beyond the normal range of your handheld or mobile.
  • Works with virtually any radios in any mode or frequency in any ham band or business band. It's legal!
  • As a simplex repeater, the MFJ-662 with another radio digitally records audio from an out-of-range HT/Mobile and then retransmits to other HT/Mobiles.
  • Tiny, pocket-size 2.25Wx3.75Hx1D inches.
  • Repeats up to 32 second message. LED lights when recording. On/Off switch. 5 pin header for radio cable (connector included). Use 9 Volt battery, 9 - 15 VDC or 110 VAC with optional MFJ-1312
  • Pre-wired cables for Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Alinco, Radio Shack, HTs/mobiles. See MFJ-5000 series cable with X suffix.
Radios / TNC TypePK-232
Alinco8/ Strd HTMFJ-5022X
Icom1/Yaesu/ RadioShack HTsMFJ-5024X
Kenwood2 HTsMFJ-5026X
Yaesu R-Series HTMFJ-5020X
Yaesu 8-pinMFJ-5080X
Icom3 8-pinMFJ-5084X
Kenwood/Alinco 8-pinMFJ-5086X
Yaesu 8-pin modularMFJ-5080MX
Icom4 8-pin modularMFJ-5084MX
Kenwood 8-pin modularMFJ-5086MX
Radio Shack 8-pin modularMFJ-5088MX
Icom 8-pin DIN HF AccMFJ-5063

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