MFJ RF isolator 18-30MHz 15kW - MFJ-915

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works for me
Review by David
I was having problems with an older amplifier and common mode current. It would kick out computers, and monitors in the shack. I run one isolator outside the shack on my pole, and one inside about 5 feet down the coax line from the tuner. All problems GONE!
Rattles Nicely
Review by Robert
I bit expensive for being a rattle. Seems to be the only thing it does at the moment. One of the 239 connectors was loose because the screws fell out, and since they are locking nuts that keep it in...that was a fail. Additionally zero impact on my system. MFJ wrote back to me and suggested I take of the top (which means cutting it off) to see if I can resolve. I have bought cheap ham radio stuff before, but this kind of takes the cake. Will take apart for parts.
Tried It At The Feed Point End And At The Transceiver End
Review by Bernie
I tried it up by the feed point of the antenna, and also
by the transceiver end of the feed line, and it didn't
seem to do anything at all, or it didn't seem to make
any change at all. I still have the same problems as
before. I think that I'll go back to making one out of
10 to 12 feet of coiled up coax, which seemed to
work for me in the past. I just wanted to try it
because I didn't have enough feed line to do it with
coax, unless I would put another section of coax in-
line. I guess that the one that I received may have
been made just before sending it to me, because it
didn't even have the MFJ logo on it and just had the
usual numbers and letters on it when you buy a
PVC pipe, but that was OK that MFJ wasn't stamped
or printed on the pipe. I didn't really know what
rating to give it, since it didn't really seem to do
anything, so gave it 3 stars or like an average rating.

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