MFJ Dual Power Auto Tuner SWR 1.8-30MHz 300/150W Balun MFJ-993B



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Great Autotuner
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I have been using this tuner for one year. For the price, I am very happy with it.

Pros: Quick switching between 2 antennas and multiple bands. Easy to read analog and digital meters. Easy to get set up once you read the manual. A number of "bells and whistles" settings are available and well documented in the manual.

The best thing for me: Tuning range. I am using a home brew double bazooka cut for 20 meters and can tune it on 20, 30, and 40. I am also using a Super Antenna MP1 (adjusted within the top portion of 20) without the 80 meter coil and can tune it from 10-160. Not saying that makes it tremendously efficient, but I have made many contacts on 10, 20, 30 , 40 and 80 (most all FT8) even during this low sun spot cycle.

Cons: Analog and digital meter seldom agree on SWR, but I have not done any calibration as per the manual, so that is probably the reason. At times a few other minor annoyances, but again no "show stoppers."
Does what it's supposed to...
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The interface isn't particularly intuitive, but once I went through the manual it was ok. It seems to do what it's supposed to. And while I don't need it right now, the antenna switch capability is handy.

One thing that would be cool (maybe it does it and I haven't found it yet) would be to show the actual forward/reflected power on the antenna side of the tuner. It would be good to know what is actually making its way out into the air. It looks like I'll need an additional meter for that.

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