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New and Improved! ZPW-MBLCOVR

Mobile Radio Base Station Enclosure with Power Adapter
Mobile radio and power supply are not included. MBXCOVR includes the enclosure mounting bracket and short DC power supply connecting adapter cable (1/4" ring terminals to OEM-T connector). Uses existing screws, no additional hardware required. Our base station enclosure is compatible with most radios having 140mm mount spacing.

MBXCOVR includes the formed mounting bracket, short DC power supply cable (1/4” ring terminals to OEM-T connector), optional 3 inch carry handle and an optional microphone holder. Uses existing screws. No additional hardware required.

Our base station enclosure can accept radios smaller than 5.5" wide and 2.125" tall. The enclosure is compatible with most radios having 5.5" (140mm) mount spacing.

Known Radio Model Compatibility:

Powerwerx DB-750X and AT-D578UV
Power supply compatibility:

Powerwerx SS-30DV
Required Items Before Starting Installation:

Powerwerx SS-30DV Power Supply
Powerwerx MBXCOVR Kit
#2 Philips Screw Driver
Step by Step Installation Instructions

Unpack the Black enclosure, supplied short power cable, carry handle and microphone holder.
Make sure the power supply is turned OFF and UNPLUGGED from the AC wall outlet.
Attach each ring terminal of the supplied power cable to the rear of the power supply. Make sure you connect red to red and black color to black terminal on the power supply.
Install the carry handle with the supplied screws to the top of the MBXCOVR if carry handle is required.
Place the black radio enclosure upside down on your desk.
Next, place the DB-750X radio upside down inside of the cover making sure the radio's microphone jack matches the same location on the enclosure microphone cut-out.
Take the (4) screws supplied with the radio and place them through each side of the enclosure securing them into the radio. These screws should remain loose at this point.
Carefully flip over the enclosure with the radio loosely mounted and set it on your desk
On the Power supply, remove the (2) lower chassis screws on each side. (4) Total, save these screws.
Place the enclosure (w/ radio) over the power supply and slide it down, aligning the screw holes on each side.
Re-install the screws from step 8 to secure the enclosure to the power supply (do not over tighten).
Adjust the radio's face slightly up for best viewing angle and tighten the side screws (already installed) on each side of the enclosure
Install Microphone holder on either side of MBXCOVR by removing one of the rear radio mounting screws. Reinstall the screw to attach microphone holder.
Connect the power supplies DC power connector to the radio's "T" connector.
Screw in the PL-259 antenna connector from your external antenna to the back of your radio.
Plug in the power supply and turn it on. Next turn on the DB-750X power switch and you are on the air!

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