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MP Antenna Trident 2.4GHz WiFi Antenna - Direct Replacement 2.4GHz Multi-Polarized WiFi Antenna


The Trident-2.4GHz WiFi Antenna offered by MP Antenna is an easy to install solution that plugs directly into the antenna port of your existing wireless device to increase wireless speed and connectivity in homes, buildings, parks, marinas and any real world obstructed environment. A large problem with many wireless networks is the poor coverage area of standard wireless devices due to inefficient antenna design. Unlike standard antennas, the Trident combines stunning visual design with Multi-Polarized antenna technology to create a spherical-like signal pattern.The Trident can be used in numerous applications where standard antenna technology can not maintain an adequate signal. In almost every Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) situation where obstructions wreak havoc on signal integrity, the Multi-Polarized Trident improves the connection, stabilizes the signal and increases data throughput. It is not magic. It is Multi-Polarized science.

For a quick and easy evaluation, find areas where you typically encounter a weak or sporadic WiFi signal. Install the Trident on the router or your wireless device and go to the same areas. The signal will be more stable allowing even a weak signal to provide faster data throughput. The secret lies in the science of the multipolarization. With built in spatial and polarization diversity the Trident locks onto and reduces instantaneous signal loss which slows data throughput. By holding the signal wireless devices maintain data integrity and data transfer. Due to its high data content, streaming video provides the most dramatic results.

Multi-Polarized antenna technology provides improved wireless communication in “Real World” obstructed non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments. For ultimate performance use MP Antenna technology to further improve connectivity, throughput and network performance on all wireless devices.

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