Hardened Power Systems N-USB-GR

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Tiny yet powerful.

The Nano USB is a USB driver like no other.


CAD rendering of final design


3 amps of USB in the palm of your hand…


DC power is supplied via Anderson power poles in the standard ARES/RACES configuration.  Input range is 6 volts to 26 volts.  Output is a maximum of three amps (15 watts!).



Available in four colors:  black, grey, ruby, and yellow


The Nano USB has a reverse-polarity protection diode, a low resistance copper inductor, and a high efficiency, American made rectifier.


We are using the latest USB identification circuit for compatibility with I-phone, Android, Samsung, and other ‘fussy’ manufacturers.




When power is applied to the Nano, a small red indicator lights up to confirm the unit is energized.


At just 1.6″ x .75″ x .75″ and 18 grams, this device is small enough to drop in your pocket, yet strong enough to power or fast charge virtually any device that accepts USB power.


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