Nano to Micro SIM Card

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Nano to Micro SIM Card


The FIRST and BEST sim adapter manufacturer, this CONVERTS a NANO sim card to MICRO sim card, a NANO sim card to STANDARD sim card and a MICRO sim card into a STANDARD sim card. This Sim to Nano sim adapter or Micro Sim Adapter Tray uses a Nano Sim Card which fits perfectly inside the tray.  These sim card adapters allow your nano or micro sim card to fit into another size card for your cell phones.


This Package of Adapters Contain:

(1)Nano sim to Micro sim adapter(1.5cm*1.2cm*0.1cm)will allow you to convert a Nano sized SIM card into a micro SIM card.

(2)Nano sim to Standard sim adapter(2.5cm*1.5cm*0.1cm)allow you to convert a Nano SIM card into a SIM card.

(3)Micro sim to Standard sim adapter(2.5cm*1.5cm*0.1cm) will allow you to convert a Micro SIM card into a SIM card. With our NOOSY sim card adapters, you can use your sim card to all different phones.

(4) One needle.


Easy Operation: No need other tool, for example; if you have a Nano sim which you want to use to a Micro sim supported device, the Nano to Micro adapter is what you need. These sim card trays are perfect when your primary phone is broken and you need to switch your sim to another phone. Just put your Nano Sim or Micro Sim in the adapter, then it can help to convert your phone Sim Card. Packed with 1 needle, allows you open the phone's sim card tray easily.

Carved accurate size: Noosy's sim card adapter kit is machined with precise design to fit on devices and pre-cut manufacturer SIM cards. This Nano sim card adapter works for iPhone and the sim card eject tool works for all kinds of devices. You can enjoy using sim card adapters on all your different devices WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM in installing them. Please take note: This phone sim card adapter kit helps you convert nano sim to other sim and will only work with sim cards but NOT a memory card adapter.

High Strength PC(Polycarbonate) Material: The material’s own elasticity, it can hold the sim card tightly. We advise to use your Noosy Sim Adapter always with a sim card and never insert it in your phone empty.  The sim card can only be converted into a LARGER PHYSICAL SIZE and NOT a SMALLER SIZE. This phone sim card adapter does not need extra tape to hold the sim card, adapter nano sim has a semi-adhesive sticky pad to double-ensure that your SIM card will stay firmly in place.

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