Open Box Antlion ModMic Wireless S/N:GGTD-0700-20-04328

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Open Box Antlion ModMic Wireless S/N:GGTD-0700-20-04328

Antlion ModMic Wireless - Behold, Antlion fans, the moment you've waited for has finally arrived

ModMic Wireless delivers full DVD quality sound with blistering aptX enhanced speeds 5 times faster than standard Bluetooth. With increased speed and data, ModMic delivers a broadcast quality signal unheard of in wireless microphones. The 12+ hour battery can be charged while in use, ensuring you never miss a moment. The elegant digital quick mute silences the mic instantly. 

Dual electret capsules: Omni- and uni-directional Selector switch on microphone housing

Windows, Mac, Linux and PS4 only. 

Head Unit

  • Charging Port: Micro USB to USB Type-A
  • Quick Mute
  • LED Status Indicators (Power, Charging, and Mute)
  • Clasps: Plated Neodymium N45 strength magnets

Wireless Receiver

  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Type-A with included USB Extension Cable
  • LED Status Indicators (Power, Charging, and Mute) 
Microphone Capsule Specs
  • Range: 10+ Meters (32+ ft.)
  • Bit Depth: 16 bit
  • Sample Rate: 48khz
  • Codec: aptX Low Latency
  • Latency: ~34ms
  • Response Range: 20hz to 20khz 
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