Open Box Arrow 146/437-10 SN55706

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Open Box Arrow 146/437-10 SN55706

Arrow Handheld Satellite Beam
"BP" Stands for Back Pack - Two-piece Boom - Split boom. 
The Arrow II line of Antennas has been engineered to provide maximum gain and efficiency in the smallest practical size & weight. 
Only About 19 oz. (split boom add 1 oz.) 
Aluminum Arrow Shafts are used for elements. 
The 2 in-line Gamma Matches (shown below) are pre-assembled & pre-tuned. One connector for VHF and one for UHF. Only female BNC is available. 
The Boom is 3/4" square (with rounded corners) and 37 1/2" long. 
Model BP Split Boom longest part is less than 22 inches long. 
Note the big black foam grip for comfortable holding. 
Under the foam grip, the boom is drilled & tapped with a 1/4-20 hole for most camera tri-pods. 
Boom & elements all have plastic tips for safety. 

*Because the antenna is hand held, power should be kept to less than 10 watts maximum. If mounted, maximum power is 150 watts.*

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