Open Box bhi Compact in-line DSP Noise Cancelling Module SN112795

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Open Box bhi Compact in-line DSP Noise Cancelling Module SN112795. Item not in original box, includes Insturctions.

Compact mono/stereo DSP noise canceling unit ideal for portable use!

Improve your listening experience with the bhi Compact In-Line module!

Compact portable DSP noise canceling unit

Thebhi Compact In-Line module measures just 125 x 70 x 37 mm is ideal for a base station or portable use. The unit includes the latestbhi DSP noise-canceling technology and is suitable for use on all radios and receivers and software defined radios (SDR), which includes Elecraft and FlexRadio products.

Compact In-Line connections
The Compact In-Line module can be powered from a 12V DC power supply or by two AA alkaline or NiMH batteries. Input connections are made via the separate 3.5mm speaker level and line level audio input sockets. The output socket can drive a pair of stereo headphones, a mono loudspeaker or a pair of powered stereo speakers.

Simple operation
All the Compact In-Line functions are controlled via the two rotary pushbutton controls on the unit. They are easily adjusted to suit your current noisy conditions. The “Power/Volume” control switches the unit on and off and adjusts the audio volume. The “Filter Level” control allows to adjust the filter level in real time and turn the filter on and off. You can also select between mono and stereo mode with the two rotary controls.

  • Compact handheld DSP noise-canceling module
  • Latest bhi DSP noise-canceling technology
  • Processed speech clearer and more intelligible
  • Easy to use controls for all functions
  • Use with mono, stereo or two separate audio channel inputs
  • Ideal for portable use, DXing, and special event stations
  • Use with headphones,a passive speaker or powered speakers
  • Over 40 hours battery life with 2 x AA alkaline or AA NiMH batteries
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