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Open Box FT-DX101MP HF/50MHz 200W SDR MAX with MARS Mod S/N: 1C210038

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Review by Joe
I have the 101MP MAX and it is amazing more then expected. My previous rig was a FTDX 5000 with all possible filters to include the 3 MTU's which I thought was the best it could get and my other was an ICOM 7610.

I was wrong 101MP far surpasses both of those rigs hands down. Don't be fooled by U-tube videos, they do the comparisons with the bare bones 101 rigs which still have gr8 ratings. The max version comes with every possible extra filter.

The Menu's are very simple to use, for most operators everything you need is right on the front of the rig.

You get the Idea..

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