Open Box Icom IC-R30 Dual Band Receiver S/N16002150

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Open Box Icom IC-R30 Dual Band Receiver S/N16002150

Icom IC-R30 Digital and Analog Wideband Communications Receiver with Dualwatch and Dual Band Recording Functions

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Dual Receive
Receive on different bands and different modes. For example, monitor HF and UHF simultaneously. Scan for other active channels on the B band, while receiving the main signal on the A band.

Dual Band Recording
Individually record the audio of the two bands received while in the Dualwatch mode onto a microSD card* in the WAV format. In addition, save frequency, mode, S-meter reading, time, current position data and altitude with received audio. * A microSD/microSDHC card is required

Digital Decode
Decodes various digital protocol signals, including P25 (Phase 1), NXDN™, dPMR™, D-STAR, and Japanese domestic DCR (Digital Convenience Radio).

Wideband Coverage
Covers 0.1 to 3304.999 MHz, and demodulates conventional analog signals such as AM, FM, WFM, USB, LSB and CW as well as digital modes*. A built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM broadcasts and the earphone cable can be used as an external antenna for FM broadcasts.

*SSB, CW and digital modes: 0.1 MHz–1.3 GHz. Usable frequencies and modes differ, depending on the selected A or B band. See specifications for details.

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